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About Us

Company Overview


Tho Hop Joint Stock Company was established in 2012 in Nghe An, Vietnam. Owning one of the the largest Nghe An limestone mines, Tho Hop has been listed as a reliable manufacturer in Vietnam. Investing the latest assembly-line: HOSOKAWA-ALPINE – Germany technique in processing, Tho Hop recently have gained the biggest productivity in comparision with domestic factories and expanded our business out of the border of Vietnam.



Tho Son village, Tho Hop commune, Quy Hop district, Nghe An province, Vietnam

Representative Office

Hanoi, Vietnam


60 Million tons

Input capacity

200,000 tons per year


CaCo3 Super-fine powder: 150,000 tons/year 

CaCo3 chips, sand 10,000 m3/year

CaCo3 lump: 30,000 m3/year

White stone slab & block: 10,000 tons/year





                                                      CaCO3 Content   ≥ 98.3 % 
                                                      MgO Content       ≤ 0,16 % 
                                                      Fe2O3 Content    ≤ 0,01 % 
                                                      Al2O3 Content     ≤ 0,04 % 
                                                      SiO2 Content       ≤ 0,01 % 
                                                      Na2O Content      ≤ 0,16 %



                                                      Whiteness (L)     ≥ 98 % 
                                                      Brightness (WI)  ≥ 95 % 
                                                      PH                       : 8.0 ÷ 9.0 
                                                      Moisture              ≤ 0,2 % 
                                                      Oil permeability   ≥ 24g/100g CaCO3 
                                                      Loss on ignition   ≤ 43,08 %


Company’s Vision


In the next stage, Tho Hop has the mission to become a leading company in supplying materials for manufacturing industrials, growing into a well-known and trust-worthy brand in both domestic and foreign markets.

Being chosen and given that trust by customers is the greatest reward and honor of all officers and staffs of Tho Hop, JSC.

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